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The Sculpture Trail of Cenne-Monestiés

In this peaceful village on the banks of the Lampy stream, you can often hear the light murmuring of the water. Its abundant flow allowed the village to develop a flourishing industry on its banks. Fulling mill, wheat mill, saw mill, factories, spinning mills, lime kilns – all thrived in Cenne-Monestiés, which was, in the 17th century, a veritable industrial town. But diverting the waters from the Lampy to the Canal du Midi reduced the flow of the watercourse. The village and its industrialists decided to construct a dam in 1885. The silent chimneys of these vanished factories can still be seen today (a nod to the sculptor Van Binh who left one of his works in Cenne-Monestiés).

And amidst these straight alleys, we encounter strange figures and apparitions… some twenty works by various artists, which punctuate the walk and amuse the eye. Enjoy without moderation!

A lovely walk awaits you starting at the Lavoir (washhouse).


Map of the sculpture trail
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Plan du parcours

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