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Saint Sernin de Belpech Church

Steeple brick wall

From the top of its imposing brick bell-gable, the church of Saint Saturnin overlooks the village of Belpech and adjoins the Baltard-style covered markets that contrast happily with the building. Lying in the heart of the little village, it is remarkable for its 12th-century Romanesque portal, the only remnant of the church erected at that time. The sculpted modillions reveal to the curious observer a frightening bestiary, surmounted by small characters in an illustration of the dangers faced by sinners at the time.

The more naturalistic decorations that embellish the semicircular arches and their capitals are equally well preserved. Once past the portal, we pass through an outdoor courtyard to join a Gothic-style church where other heritage treasures are preserved. To be discovered without delay!


Free visit :
Open all the year

Opening period, visiting hours:
Open all year round from 9 am to 12 pm – in the afternoon from 14h to 17h in July-August

Adress :
11420 Belpech