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This fan of Fanjuvean history offers you a colorful discovery of her village and of the monuments and places that have made its influence, especially the church dedicated to Notre-Dame de l’Assomption. As an experienced bell-ringer (she has been climbing the steps of the steeple of Fanjeaux for almost 60 years to “ring the bell”), she plays the Marseillaise on the old bell tower on May 18, November 11 and July 14. A pleasure for the ears, just like Nadalet, who resonates in Fanjeaux from December 16 until December 24 to announce the birth of Christ: a rarity in the landscape of french bell-ringers! The unconditional energy that Claudette has been deploying for 35 years around the restoration of liturgical vestments gives rise to a famous exhibition in the church on every summer: the complete restored sets mainly belong to the former Fanjeaux’s deanery and date back, for some , of several centuries. We won’t tell you more, you have to come on site to discover Claudette’s inimitable visits! Show more


There are devouring passions which, like a common thread, follow you for a whole life This is the case of this child of the Country, … farmer, former mayor of Laurac, whose passion for the history of his village is equal for the one he dedicates to landscapes and fauna which surround the place. To embark on a visit with him is to set sail for the Middle Ages and the eventful history of Bons Hommes, and especially Bonnes Femmes. Those who made the history of this ideological movement called Catharism, and which marked the lineage of the lords of Laurac. It is also discovering, from this land he loves so much, the wonders hidden in the Natura 2000 area of ​​the Collines de la Piège, and which protects various species of raptors and birds that roam the skies of our hills. Fans will also re-discover the pleasure of words, those of Occitan: the poetry and soul of a whole country. Show more


Returning from trips to Africa, this retired man, keen on history, has been walking the path of Saint Jacques de Compostelle Gr78 for 8 years, and the cobblestones of the village of Montreal (not in Quebec, in the Aude!) and with pleasure distils his love for this charming village with a turbulent past. Did you say Collegiate Church? Unbelievable, Armand answers tit for tat and shows you the details of this splendid stone vessel that marks the Montreal landscape for miles around. Among the heritage treasures that are sheltered under its vaults, the Collegiate Church has renowned organs (no less than 5,000 pipes, 4 keyboards, 62 stops, all the same …), in the process of being restored. It is also from a meeting with the titular organist of Notre-Dame de Paris, Philippe Lefebvre during a concert in the Collegiate Church, that the common history of Armand, the Collegiate and the Association of friends of the organs of the Collegiate Church of Saint-Vincent. A story to follow… to live on the spot. Show more


Child of Belpech, very involved in the life of her village and of the Association d’Histoire du Garnaguès, Sylvie has always been in love with books. Holder of a master’s degree in History, she leafed through, with happiness and rigor, the archives, books, and the past of the Bellopodians (yes, that’s the name of the inhabitants of Belpech) that she transcribed in various specialized books, like the one on “The Great War” … but also in its guided tours. On the lookout for precious anecdotes on the lives of our elders, which she shares with her listeners and readers, Sylvie takes you in her path to encounter a living history that speaks of men above all. Those who inhabit the villages of our hills, and have always supported it. Show more


After growing up in Charente-Maritime, then spending 36 years in Switzerland, it was during a trip to Thailand … that Daniel discovered exotic orchids. Self-taught, he enthusiastically discovered a specific field of botany that he would never leave. A fan of running for 20 years, then an active member of the Passéjaïres de Villasavary hikers’ association, this keen observer of the local flora is never found as well as in nature. Able to take a plane to go, in one day, from Villasavary, to discover and photograph two endemic species of orchids in the Jura, he will transmit to you with patience and humor his taste and his knowledge of orchids (wild, of course!). Show more


Coming from an initial University training in History and Arts, ... Lucie is a fervent lover of cultural live shows, works of arts and artists of all kinds that she meets daily at the Maison des Essar [t] s or at the Eburomagus museum by Bram. As an assiduous practitioner of improvisation theater, she offers you lively and spirited tours where anecdotes and storytelling caught on the spot make up a zesty and playful picture where boredom never stands out. A historic crossing of the circular village of Bram that does not go round in circles!!More