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Collégiale Saint-Vincent in Montréal d’Aude

Collégiale Saint-Vincent in Montréal d’Aude

Standing on the heights of Montreal d’Aude like a lighthouse in the heart of the laughing hills and vineyards of the Malepère, the Collegiate church marks the surrounding landscapes with its astonishing proportions. Twenty-two metres in height and width, fifty-three metres in length inside, all the same! Dated from the end of the 13th to the beginning of the 14th century, fortified during the wars of religion, embellished in the 18th and 19th centuries, this majestic stone vessel retains the memory of key moments in local history.

Once you have climbed the steps of the square, and after having crossed the porch with its details carved in the stone, you will discover a remarkable set of sixty-six sculpted stalls. At the opposite side, we observe with curiosity a unique copy of a baptismal font supported by a devil immortalized in stone. But the highlight of this astonishing spectacle is undoubtedly the Grand Organ, classified as a Historic Monument. Sixty stops divided between four keyboards and a thirty-two note pedal board which allow organists such as Philippe Lefebvre (organist of Notre-Dame de Paris), to experience an extraordinary sonic palette.


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Place Saint-Vincent
11290 Montréal